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Rally Driving Course A - Rally Connection, Waterford

Rally Driving Course A - Rally Connection, Waterford

TOTAL: €245.00

Total Purchased:


Interested in a fun day out, corporate event days, developing your rallying skills or are you an experienced rally driver wishing to set up and test your car?

Co-driver spin with your Rally Connection instructor on Level 1, slowly at first and then increasing speed while explaining the stage and driving techniques all the time. Your instructor will invite questions to ensure that you understand all instructions. Now it's your turn to drive 8 laps in a clockwise direction picking up the pace as you go. When you have reached an acceptable level of ability you will be taught how to handbrake properly and drift through the hairpins. There are a total of 40 hairpins in this direction so you will be very busy behind the wheel. After 8 laps you will stop for a break and your progress will be discussed. Next you will drive in the opposite direction for 8 laps increasing the pace on every lap. This time you will need to concentrate more to control the car at higher speeds and develop quicker responses to instruction. This is where you get the real feel of control when you are power sliding these rally cars on loose gravel corners. After the 8 l

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