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Hovercraft Grand Prix Experience - ODD, Cavan

Hovercraft Grand Prix Experience - ODD, Cavan

TOTAL: €125.00

Total Purchased:


Piloting a solo hovercraft is genuinely like nothing else you’ve ever experienced! If you can imagine sliding on ice in a craft which is part jet ski, part air plane, (and with no brakes!) you’re close! Hovercraft fly across land and water on a cushion of air created and powered by a large fan mounted behind the pilot. Our Flying Fish F25 single-seater craft are capable of over 40mph! Our hovercrafting course takes full advantage of our stunningly beautiful lakeside location and comprises a grass section leading you out onto the water before turning back to land again – the unique sensation of transition from open water to grass at full speed is scarily good! You will be taught how to operate the craft, then you take the controls as pilot, flying solo for 5 practice laps, followed by a second session of a minimum 10 laps racing against the clock. Our experienced instructors will offer ongoing advice as you master the craft and gain speed.

With ODD in Cavan piloting a solo hovercraft is genuinely like nothing else you’ve ever experienced! We recommend you book your experience at least four weeks ahead if you require a weekend date.

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