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Modern Hypnosis Gift Voucher

Modern Hypnosis Gift Voucher

TOTAL: €200.00

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Modern Hypnosis Gift Voucher

Hypnotherapy can help if you want to quit smoking, lose weight, or control anxiety and panic attacks, along with many other treatments available from the member clinics of The Irish Hypnotist Register.. Hypnotherapy is often used to help give you the motivation you need to kick bad habits like smoking, gambling, or other addictions. If you feel there's an area of your life which you need help, be it an extra boost of motivation or low self-esteem, then hypnotherapy could be just the help you need! Hypnosis is a way of altering and repairing the sub-conscious mind.

Modern Hypnosis Hilltop Business Centre Station Road, Raheny, Dublin 5 01-850-5000 ~ 083-101-0663

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